1 of our WCP Swerve X modules briefly out of alignment when starting to drive. Anyone have an idea why

One of our Swerve X modules does not align correctly when movement is initiated. It only lasts a second and then the module behaves properly. We’re not sure if this is mechanical, electrical, or code but all seem to be okay in our inspections. Encoder is Thrifty. Motors are Neos. All treads appear equal.

Can you reproduce the problem with the robot on blocks? (You may wish to enable robot-oriented control for this test.) Can you take a video?
Does the module turn as freely as the other modules?
Do you have a command that sets the modules to a known position (e.g. “X mode”)?
If you’re using a separate motor controller, check the 3-phase supply between the controller and the motor. If one line is broken, then the motor will still work, but may sometimes “jam” until perturbed.

On blocks all motors behave the exact same (and correctly). On the ground our Back Left module (alone) often “slips” and struggles to reach the same angle as it’s desired state. I looked at the absolute encoder values on Shuffleboard, and they show that the robot isn’t turning the wheel despite being commanded to a new state. When the wheels are only using the drive motors, they appear to be fine, but turning in any sense causes the wheel to make a screeching noise and remain in the same angle for longer than other wheels.

There appear to be no issues with the Spark and NEO connections (power, can, and encoder wire) that we can easily observe. We also recently replaced the treads if that’s helpful for debugging purposes.

I’m not sure what to suggest. It sounds like a mechanical or electrical problem. Can you tell which component is screeching? Does anything get hot? Are any teeth (gear or belt) damaged? Have you tried swapping out the motor/controller? If you look at DS logs, how does the current on that motor compare with its peers?