1" REV Extrusion needed - (2) 72" pieces

Team 5801 is looking for anyone who might have two 6’ pieces of REV 1" Extrusion to finish our lift! Willing to pay cost + shipping - etc. (or trade).

We’re looking at alternative extrusions but just need the 2 pieces to finish what we’ve built and keep the same material. If you have some you’re willing to part with please let us know!

Did you try your neighbor 1986?

Would share if we had it. To the best of my knowledge we’ve not used REV extrusion. Hope you find what you need out there.

Thanks anyway, hope you guys are getting it done over there!

6 foot lengths?

Note that you don’t really need the REV extrusion for the horizontal pieces – you can use 1" square aluminum extrusion for that (like the versaframe 1x1). You only need the REV stuff for the verticals, because that’s what their V-groove bearings ride in. (Of course, if you’ve already made your cuts…)

It came in the KOP, and not every team is using it, so there should be plenty of teams out there with some to spare.

Correct, we are specifically looking for 6’ REV for the 10-32 nut grooves. We have some 80/20 extrusion but would rather not have to go down the T-slot route for just 2 runs. REV discontinued their 6’ sections either last season or the season before that. We had some, just not quite enough - a hopeful request to find a team willing to part with them…

We may have some in our “scratch and dent” pile, I will check in the morning. Do you need all 4 tracks to be fully dent free?

That would be great! No, all 4 wouldn’t need to be dent free.
Let us know. Appreciate it.

Your order should be arriving by Friday, glad we could help out!

Told the team, you ROCK thanks!