1 ToughBox w/2 Motors or 2 ToughBoxes w/2 Motors

I have a rookie question on the configuration of the AndyMark ToughBoxes. What is the difference between setting up a drive train with 1 motor and 1 ToughBox per wheel vs. 1 toughBox with 2 motors for 2 wheels?

The default AndyMark chassis is setup with 1 ToughBox and 2 motors, but I really do not know what the difference is and whether or not one configuration is better than another.

Anyone have an opinion or suggestion?

Adding another toughbox per side increase weight and cost, and is usually not necessary. If you are using a drive like mecanum that requires different speeds for each wheel, then it is necessary.

First you have to consider what you want your robot to do.

Do you want all wheel drive?

If you use a toughbox mounted mid-chassis to each side you’d have to use chain to transmit power to each wheel(Kit Bot), you could direct drive each wheel(1 Toughbox/1 Motor Per Wheel) then each wheel could be powered independently of the other.

Our Lunacy robot utilized direct drive and we could push 2 robots across the field last year. :smiley:

We’re doing the same thing this year to avoid chain, and keep our ground clearence high and CG low. Since each wheel/trans is spread out on the corners of the robot.

If you equip a toughbox with 2 motors then you have doubled the power output.

Its not really a question of which is better, its all about what you want you’re drivetrain to do.