1 week, 1 hour, 14 minutes

Time flies when you’re having fun… or working on a robot.
With less than one week left (or a bout 1 week left) how are the teams doing out there, whos running, whos debugging, and whos scrounging. And then of course, what other teams like ours are doing all of the above.

Side note to the moderator: last year you guys had a countdown timer to last day, nationals and such and such? you doing it again?

We’re running, sort of. The Program is fine, for the most part. Our biggest was problem was weight. I think we weighed close to 200 pounds. http://team.deanzarobotics.com/icon15.gif We’ve lost most of it, but our robot is a good deal different from what it used to be. ::cries::

One word: “tomorrow”

That seems to be the word of the week. We are already 8 days behind schedule. I thought our productivity hit rock bottom. It’s started digging. With luck, all things mechanical will be done tomorrow so I can get the wiring done. My team doesn’t understand that wiring and debugging takes time.

Not to mention that they will be wanting to drive it while I am debugging. The part of creating the robot that takes the least amount of time will be the most rushed.

My team is right on target, we are doing wonderfuly.

We drove for the first time today.


As for what exactally is happening in this movie… lets just say we needed to drag around the clostest thing we had to a 180 pound goal. It ended up being 190 pounds.

Another note, this is our robot in high gear with 1/2 it’s drive power. This is us moving fast, not pulling goals around.

More movies off our homepage, www.startateam.com/639