$10,000 award available

Some of you have excellent partnerships with businesses. Here’s an opportunity to “bragg” about it and possibly win $10,000:

“The Council for Corporate & School Partners is now accepting applications for the 2006-2007 National School and Business Partnerships Award. Tell us about your successful school-business partnership; and you may win a $10,000 award.”

Go here for the details: http://www.corpschoolpartners.org/

The deadline is January 30, 2007.

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Definately Not SPAM!!!

I put together an application for this a few years back when I was with Team 103. We unfortunately were not selected for the 10K, but we were awarded “finalist” status, which meant the school and team were officially recognized for having an exemplary School-Business partnership.

You’ll see Palisades HS listed here: http://www.corpschoolpartners.org/pdf/nsbpa.pdf

I encourage teams to go after it, it’s definately attainable.

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