10,000 Lakes Regional 2010

1714 just registered for 10,000 Lakes! Hopefully we can defend our title from last year and get to keep playing with and against some wonderful teams. Who else is returning to this great event?

(By the way, if you’re a Wisconsin team, I’d HIGHLY recommend the event; it’s one of the most well run events I’ve ever been to in FIRST, with really great teams)

I doubt it. Missed it by only a few days last year.

So for a run down of teams from the list so far, the Wisconsin crew, bar 93, is returning, with 1714, 2062, and 2826 (man would that have been a dream alliance or what). A lot of prominent WI teams are going to North Star.

New out of state teams include 2704 (which appears to be a reformed 2741, but with the same school, dunno what’s going on there), 2022 IRS, 2817 (switching over from North Star last year), and rookie team 3227 also from Memphis. Looks to be yet another very competitive regional for the Rookie All Star award (a team that won neither Rookie All Star nor Rookie Inspiration won the RI nationally to give you an idea of the “rookie depth” of this region, a lot of great starts here).

Also worth noting is the return of the entire Winning and Finalist Alliances as well as the Rookie All Star and EI winners from before. Of the medal-ers, only 1986 has not returned.

Our team is certainly looking forward to returning!! And especially seeing our alliance partners from last year! I (along with 2 of our mentors) have completely re-formed our team this year. We now have more members, an actual structure, and we will actually be designing our robot in CAD this year (yay!). Anyways we are definitely looking forward to competing, and seeing all of the wonderful teams that come to the Minnesota Regional! :smiley:

2022 is looking forward to the 10000 lakes regional. I have heard good things and it sounds like a great way to spend part of spring break.

10k Lakes has now reached the currently open capacity.

Looks like 2194 is returning to Minnesota this year.

We shall be back as well.


:frowning: I hate to break the news, but Team 93 (N.E.W. Apple Corps) is not returning to the 10k Lakes Regional this year. This is only because it occurs during our spring break and we won’t have the teacher support to come because they all plan on taking vacations. :stuck_out_tongue: So instead we’re going to the Buckeye Regional in Ohio. I wish we were going to Minnesota but I guess it just isn’t going to happen. At the very least we’ll keep up our Gracious Professionalism spirit! Good luck to you and Wave Robotics. (I will try to get together a group to watch the live cast, maybe)

Well I guess team 2470 will have to find their own polycoord this year :P. Good luck in Ohio! (and thanks for all the help last year!)

lol, I heard about that during qualifying matchs. Well, I guess we had to do something with the massive amount of polychord we stripped off our ‘bot. Good huntin’ (for awards and you are very much welcome).

If I only had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that said :slight_smile:

2826 will be back again for another exciting year! I am very glad to see that 2194 will be comming back to 10k after missing last year to represent the WI teams! I am also very excited that 2500 herobotics will be attending this regional again. They beyond blew me away with their enthuasium and spirit! I hope that they will be up for doing their dance again this year!

Team 2502 will dearly miss you guys!! You guys really were supportive of us like none other and we learned a lot from it!

Look for 2502 to make some strong moves in 10K. They have a little bit of shall I say, coastal, influences this year. :wink:

EDIT: Wow Keehun, it is way too weird that you posted while I was typing lol

Hey, Akash, stop that! I was hoping they’d be underdogs so I could draft them in Fantasy FIRST then relish in the free points in technical awards and high event placing of teams like 2470 and 2502. In my mind, they are the “rising stars” of the event. Of course, it’s entirely possible some MN teams hasven’t been visiting Delphi but are making huge strides in their programs like these teams. I’m not one to make super broad predicitons before games come out (well, I am), but one of those two teams will be in the event finals, and at least one will walk away with some kind of trophy this year. :slight_smile:

Man, now you guys have got me all pumped for an event that’s not only nearly half a year away, but one I’m not even certain I can attend. How could you guys? :stuck_out_tongue:

As noted, Team 2062, the C.O.R.E. will be there and we look forward to seeing all of our new friends from Minnesota, 'eh.

I think that Moore Robotics should make a plexi-glass Axe similar to the Paul Bunyan axe. I’m sure you get my drift. ::safety:: :smiley:

Let the games begin …

The axe would be a fantastic idea. We could definately fit it into the awards ceremony!!! We could give the axe to the winning alliance captain and engrave the team numbers of the alliance on the axe. They would hold on to it for the year and bring it back and present it to the winning team next year.

That would certainly be cool. Especially because Wisconsin’s upping Minnesota 2-1 right now :D. When you say Wisconsin, you’ve said it all! If my understanding of plastics is correct it would be trivial to laser engrave team numbers into an acrylic axe. :slight_smile:

Though I can see it now… decline after decline just so that teams have a chance at holding the axe for the whole year… this might require some thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Please explain.

Two of the 10,000 Lakes regional winners from last year were from Wisconsin, and the last was from Minnesota. So Wisconsin has a 2-1 “lead” on Minnesota.