10-32 Pneumatic fitting

Hey guys- We ordered a Pneumatic spring return cylinder from mcmaster, an we need 10-32 fitting to use it (with a 1/4 tube quick attachment). We ordered one of these from mcmaster also but they said they’d ship it and it would be here by Feb 22nd (what?)

Are there any teams in our area (NJ/philly) that could have one we could borrow? Or does anyone know another source thats a bit…quicker? Not looking for anything fancy - don’t care if its a right angle, straight, has a valve, just need to connect a tube to this!

?try asking Google for a supplier?

Brandon, check out these:



Sorry I didn’t just text you this earlier, I thought you were looking for someone that had them locally. IIRC, automation direct is usually ~2day ship to our area.

I know in our area (Duluth, MN) if we cant get it from grainger our next place to go is Grainger. Their website is hard to navigate compared to mcmaster but they have a comparable selection of goods.

Hi guys, We are manufacturer for pneumatic fitting. If you need, you can contact us.

We ordered ours from Mcmaster and received them in the standard 1 day turnaround it takes for us to get parts from them.

I would give them a call if you never received them. If you’re in a real bind, order them again now and deal with the lost shipment later. Mcmaster is one of the most reliable suppliers I’ve ever worked with. Their customer service is also top notch.

Search for a Fastenal in your area as well. We found one near us (about 20 mins away) that had some in stock.