10 Inch Pneumatic Wheels?

Our team is thinking about using 10 inch pneumatic wheels, with a West Coast drive train, with the sprockets on the inside of the chassis.

Where can we buy these wheels and how do we mount them onto our robot?

As to the first question, try this.

As to the second question, with much more difficulty than a wheel from AM or VP.

Getting torque to a large wheel might by akin to a FIRST Problem of Yore where there were teams that could figure out how to get torque reliably out of a Bosch drill and there were teams that couldn’t.

The former had a robot that could play the game. The latter spun in circles for most of the match.

Think before you act…

Good luck,
Dr. Joe J.

P.S. Sorry about the snarkly link above. Couldn’t resist. JJ

If you have a local Harbor Freight, you can pick up some there for pretty cheap. This was our first stop on our way home from kickoff, they happened to be having a sale that weekend. $4 each!

These kinds of wheels are pretty low quality though, and do need some work to attach a hub or sprocket.