10 MPH - Segway Across USA - Free Download and Support the Creators

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10 MPH- Segway Roadtrip Across America

I’m sure most of you have already heard about this project but if you haven’t two guys set forth to segway across the USA, the title explains it really well.

The 93 minute indie film is temporarily available on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdR41fe9Zeg. Please keep in mind there is some vulgar language (I’m only 5 minutes in so I don’t know what else is coming up)

Included in the video description is the following link for OurStage to help the creators raise money for the next film, it’s a simple registration process - free to you - and a way to download the film for free in m4v or iTunes format.


The language is really mild–I got my mom a copy for Christmas. You’re in college–it beats college speak for clean language easily.

They have a deal on their website where you buy one DVD, they send one to the U.S. troops overseas.

I may be in college and used to this language but there may be members of the chief delphi community that do not wish to hear, or even have their children/students hear such words. If I was at a team meeting watching the video I would be quite embarrassed to have the words echoed from around the room. A film with that language in my high school would of required a parent signature to watch. But to each his/her own.

I didn’t know the tidbit about the sending a copy to the troops, thats really cool =]

I myself own a copy of the movie and I’ve watched it several times and can say its a very good movie.

Everyone should see it.


Watching it now, seems like a cool idea. Thanks for the link michelle!