10% off SPARKS in May

In recognition of the end of season and to help teams get started with preparations for next year or summer testing, we are offering a 10% discount on SPARK motor controllers through the month of May.

I know many of you have been wanting to test them out to evaluate them for next season, so this is a great opportunity to put them on your bots to use in the off-season.

The SPARK is still only available on AMAZON, so just use the code “SPARKS10” When checking out on Amazon. There is no limit on the number that you can buy with this discount.

Full Disclosure: we are also doing this to help clear some inventory so that we can invest in some of the new awesome products we have in the pipeline for 2017 :smiley:

I’ll definitely buy a few :smiley:

I highly recommend the SPARK motor controller. As noted elsewhere, my team made extensive use of these capable, affordable controllers in pre-season projects and in our 2016 practice robot, each of which saw more total driving time than our 2016 competition robot has. No failures, no issues. We will be using them in competition next year, and will likely purchase some for summer projects while this promotion is on.

Thank you, REV! Great new product!

Unfortunately one of our two SPARKS that we got from FIRST Choice never behaved properly (which is a shame because the integrated limit switch feature is sweet) so we only ended up using 1 SPARK this season.

That said, however, I really enjoyed how light and easy they are! Would recommend.

I am sorry to hear that you had difficulty with the SPARK, can you send us an email [email protected] or a PM to me on CD so we can learn about the issues that you saw. We saw and heard of almost zero failures this year so tracking down real issues is important to us, so we can make them better in the future.

If there is an issue with the SPARK (even from FIRSTChoice) we will replace it, which for us is all about standing behind our products.


We love your products Greg! Both my FRC and FTC teams love using your product! Its nice to see FRC vendors stand behind their products, wish I could say the same for some of the FTC vendors.

These things are tough enough to stand ON them.

The one we had on our robot for our intake roller worked literally every time it was set up correctly (>_>). I’m planning on picking up a few for my team to use for the next few years. As long as they are FRC legal, I want to use these. Easy-peazy limit switch integration, Victor/Talon muscle memory for getting it set up; it’s exactly what we’re looking for, especially for a team who does not use CAN on any level higher than “necessity” (read CAN TalonSRX limit switch integration).

Just powered up our off season robot with these. Thanks for the discount.

Thanks for doing this. I think the SPARK will replace our Victor 888s next year.