10 second Delay when switching from Auto to TeleOp

Recently at our last comp (FIT Del Río) we were expecting an issue when we switch between Auto and TeleOp. Our DS reports no robot code and no connection with the robot when we switch. This has been causing a 10 second delay in our robot during matches. Does anyone know what could be happening and how we can fix this

Did you cancel your auto command?

This sounds to me like your code crashed when the transition takes place. Potentially something is trying to cancel your autonomous command, but it is null.
Could you post a link to your code base so we can take a look?

Did you talk to the CSA at your event? They are there to help with problems like this.

I agree that it sounds like the code is crashing. Another thing that could cause a crash is if you are instantiating the same hardware in both auto init and teleop init.

If you program in Java, and look in the driverstation log, there will be a stack trace that shows exactly where it’s crashing.

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Thx so much! I’ll look into it

Agreed, sounds like the code crashes then restarts.

As a much less likely option (but one that bit us in the past) - do you happen to have a gyro, and run a calibration routine on it in disabledInit() ? Some of those will block for just about 10 seconds. There’s at least a few loops of disabled() that happen between teleop and auto when running on the field.

But, if I were a betting man, i’d bet there’s something in the code that’s causing a crash between auto and teleop. If you’ve got a github link, feel free to post and folks will review!

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