10 turn 100k pots

I really need 2, 10 turn 100k pots. Does any one know where I can get them soon or possibly have them to trade for? When I say soon I mean really, really soon.

I use Digi-Key . I think they ship overnight if you want to pay for it. I might be able to dig some up at work for you if you’re coming to J&J.

There a variety of wirewound 10 turn pots from Digikey at http://www.digikey.com

check any electronics store near you like radio shack or hobby stroes. we even have found them at places like home depot and lowes home improvement stores.

I have a few in my pocket (Leaving for West MI right now) if you are going to West MI I will be tech inspecting and give them to you.

yeah, we’ll be at Western Michigan. Thanks in advance!

leaving at 5 in the morning… ugg.