10 Year Anniversary Ideas - What did your teams do??

Hey all!

I searched before posting and found a similar post from our neighbor FRC Team 191 from 2001! So I figured it would be okay to revive this post as there are now many more teams who are celebrating or about to celebrate their 10th year as a FIRST team.

What did your teams do or are planning to do for their 10th year?

We are definitely doing a special t-shirt, and maybe even a commemorative pin. We were also thinking an alumni dinner, fun activities to do around the 10th of every month, special thank you plaques to our sponsors (which we did for our 5 year anniversary). We’re trying to think of ways to spread this around the school. We want this to be an all year celebration, not just a one day thing. So any ideas, big or little, will be great as we might just do them all!


FRC 1511 Mentor

We had a special team shirt, listing all our robots to date:


and created a ten-year retrospective video, showing footage of each year’s robot (including the famous 2002 MOEhawk, with the 14 foot wingspan), and some of our current mentors back when they still had dark hair. (there’s a quick shot of me too, but it’s not very flattering so I won’t say where it is)


I’m not sure what we did for our 10 year anniversary but for our 20 year anniversary we had a dinner in our school cafeteria with some alumni and sponsors. Many guest speakers attended ranging from old mentors and students from the 90’s to current students. In the area next to the cafeteria we had all of our robots aligned by year.

The only thing we managed to do was recognize all 10 teams in the Chairman’s video, starting at 1:43