100 Days To Kickoff!

From today it is 99 days until KICKOFF!

Are you guys excited as we are!? 100 more days until life stops and we start think, eat, drink, sleep, dream and live FIRST.
Do you feel the electricity in the air yet?
We wish you all a successful, safe, educational, HARD and FUN season.

Check out the video we released yesterday - 100 Days To Kickoff!!!

Team #2630, Thunderbolts, from Emek Hefer, Israel.

Are you saying that you don’t think,eat, drink, sleep, dream and live FIRST all year round?

That’s Blasphemy :slight_smile:

Great video, good job helping everyone getting in the spirit.

Fixed that for you.

And at the moment, I’m just glad I’m not going to really be working with a team this season. I’m excited to learn the new game and see what teams come up with, but I can’t imagine putting in the hours I did last year again.

Gobles Voltage very excited! Team #5194 ::safety::

Are things going smoothly with STIMS? We want to get our student roster going now…

The Gems are super pumped! Though we’re trying to recruit members still since half of our team graduated :confused:

Can’t wait to see the game this year! Who else thinks drones?