100 Million iTunes Song Give-Away

This is cool, Apple is giving away one ipod to the people who buy every 100,000 songs starting at 95 million, then all the way to 100 million. The 100th million winner will get a 10,000 song Gift Certificate, a 17" PowerBook, and a 40gig iPod. Woah.

I never thought I would ask this, but: How much do songs typically cost on these paid music DL services like I-Tunes or the new Napster or even the Walmart service??

iTunes: $0.99
Walmart: $0.89

…and Walmart is cheaper…gots to love it! :smiley:

yeah, but they have less than 1/3 the tracks, and all the bad songs are censored, with no option of the origional versions

The ACC Codec is awsome as well-

I love iTunes

Unless your trying to use another MP3 player…where it won’t accept AAC…(my problem).

Just convert it to mp3

Heh. Anyone who still uses mp3 is sorely outdated :slight_smile: I remember downloading mp3’s to my 486. I’m not going to buy an mp3 player until it can support a larger host of audio codecs… preferably Ogg Vorbis which is arguably the best current lossy audio codec. Mp3’s are so outdated.


Heh. I can never find any music I don’t have that I actually want in iTunes. I actually can’t find any music anywhere. Heh. I’m so picky with my music. But that’d be sweet to win that stuff. I’d sell most of it then buy a G5 or something. I hate 17" laptops… but I LOOOOVE my 15"