$1000 Amazon Gift Card: What would you buy?

We received a $1000 Amazon gift card and aren’t really sure what to use it for. We haven’t historically bought much from Amazon. Mcmaster, sure. Home Depot, yeah. That metal shop down the road, definitely. For the most part we have what we need, just need to replace minor things here and there. New allen wrenches, replacement gears, more grease, etc. We have discussed purchasing a new laptop with the gift card.

What are the best Amazon purchases your team has made?

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We’re planning on buying robot batteries from Amazon. It’s the cheapest I’ve found them online (from a legitimate source)

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Rev used to have some of their stuff on Amazon, including the 2018 game pieces. They may have stopped in favor of just using their own site, though.

Also AM had some stuff.

I had tried to start a wishlist for FRC stuff, but hadn’t made much progress. I only think I have a couple items on it that I would get. I try to add stuff as I see it in threads, but want to do better. Also, some stuff I’d probably comparison shop again before just buying it.

We purchase a lot from Amazon. Tools are an easy option, but also sensors (mostly import proximity sensor and the like). Consumables like Velcro, tape, Band-Aids, etc. Part organizers, 3D printer filament. I could go on for a while.

Actually this blog post has some of the latest Amazon items we bought this fall.

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@Zeta you may also find a team member or other local team who may be interested/willing to purchase the gift card or remaining balance after you use it for “everything” you want on Amazon, so then you can use those funds elsewhere.

@Dez that’s a solid option. Funnily enough, one of the parents just offered to buy it outright for face value.