1000th Post

I’ve created this thread, for people to post their exact 1000th post.

This means that this thread should be VERY inactive, and only referenced to externally.


~Jacob Komar

Wheeee this is my 1,000th post!

Do I get a cookie now?



1000 Do i get Krispy Kreme now?

My 1000th post was so long ago I don’t even think it’s archived.

You could always start a 10,000 post thread Ed.
But then again, you passed that mark a while ago as well. :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe I’ll start that 10k thread. :cool:

1000th Post :smiley:

It has been a long time coming. I have by far the lowest posting rate of anyone on this thread as of now:

0.42 posts/day   Me
1.14 posts/day   Q
1.25 posts/day   Jacob
1.75 posts/day   Akash
2.59 posts/day   Elgin
4.83 posts/day   Ed

Ed, you only need to post a little more frequently to get to the break the 5.00 barrier. Your rival, the archiver is at 7.96 posts/day but falling fast since its last flurry of posts where at 6/22/02 4:22am (exactly 3 months after you joined 3/22/02, I joined 3/24/02).

Notice how I can’t even make this a simple post:rolleyes: I do research and use code tags.

Well, I missed it, but better late then never.

1000 posts!! I feel so nerdy. And why do I have a sudden desire to eat cookies?


Time for me to get in this list now…

1000th post mark…

What does that say about me???

This is it! My 1000th post! :yikes: I almost forgot and nearly panicked! But I looked at my last post and it said 999!!! :ahh: Whew!

On to the next 1000 posts! And then to infinity and beyond!!! :slight_smile:

Congrats Cynette and Jacob!

Time to open up this thread again- it’s my 1000th post! :smiley:

1001! I guess posting in vending machine was more important to me than making my 1000th post in the 1000 post thread. lol

Hey Ellen, I wanted to be the one to reopen this thread.

Post 2,000 is twice as nice!

Just over 1000 now :YAY:

Yeah! Now a proud member of the 1000 posts club


Agh! I knew last night that I was getting incredibly close, but totally forgot about that today when I started posting. This will be 1002, but it’s still close… :o


I hope the SNR has been greater than zero.

U would, and the only reason I’m posting is cuz it was already ruined, but I shall bookmark it, and save for when I get to 1000