1002 The CircuitRunners Scouting Database

Hey well im kind of late posting this but… Anyways At champs a couple of teams or so were interested in seeing our DB on the net and some even possibly using it next year at their events. Well its on the net now and has been for about month but ive been busy with outreach scheduling and stuff. Well the link is below so enjoy as well as some info about what works and why.


For those of you who don’t know, here is a lil info on the DB in its current state.

  • It runs on MySQL and PHP.
  • It contains info from VCU, Peachtree, and the Archimedes Division of the Championships.
    — Note on VCU and Peachtree some of the really detailed info you get while looking at the team search page for Champs does not come while looking at VCU an Peachtree b/c the DB went through many changes during the season info is stored differently for each event.
    — Also Note practice match info for championships does not exist.
  • The robot images don’t come up b/c I really dont want to have to go in and resize all the imgs by hand some 70 something robot imgs. (that would way too time consuming).
  • The submitting match and adding teams forms have been removed. If your interested in how that works and looks contact me and you can see the scouting system as it was during the champs. (on my home comp)
  • And if your interested in using and what not there is info posted about that in DB.

Pretty extensive, looks nice. I’ve been working on creating a scouting database of myown, fairly time consuming.