100pt match

Will we see one? If so, when?


If we see one, it will be at district championship/championship level. Or at a regional elims with a really strong alliance.
As even with
1 level 3 climb, 2 level 2 climbs, 5 auto high goals, and everyone crossing the line:
It would still require each of the 3 members in an alliance to do 8 perfect high goal cycles, each with 2 balls
I did math wrong

24 total balls (in the high goal) are needed after. which is 8 balls per alliance in the high goal. or about 4 cycles.

Still the lvl 3 climb and the 5 ball auto isnt something we are going to see in the first week or 2 (unless 1678 or 254 is competing week 1 or 2 :wink: )

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Is that is challenge? I can do it week 0 in penalties with enough incentivizing snacks.

The strat of setting a world high score when you 100% will not win a match is overlooked IMO.


Ayo? In before an hour ago on discord when you said “70+ point matches will never happen”


No I specifically said that they wouldnt happen ~Until DCMP~

I also had my math wrong

With or without points from fouls? Definitely a much different scoring game this year.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how the randomness of the return of cargo to the field will impact gameplay too. Kind of fun :slight_smile:

xrc sim already has had several :slight_smile:


No fouls.

I think the chaos of the random return of game pieces will make it tough.

In auto, you will see teams get ~20-26 if all high goal + move.

Robots that had that auto would probably have the climb, maybe you get lucky and see a 40 (two transverse and one high)

Means you need ~40 in game, which is doable and the target amount for the RP if all high goal.

I think we see it later in season once teams figure out driving and how to avoid defense becomes clear. But it would happen from a fluke matchup of three strong robots with similar design concepts around reliable high goal and high climb being matched together if it is in season.


Responding not having read above posts: This is a relatively low scoring game. 1 point low goal, 2 points high goal, doubled for autonomous. Teams who can field COTS climbers should get 6 more points, those who are more creative 10 or 15. A 100 point match would be (as an example) a triple TRAVERSE, Five auto high goals, and eighteen mid-game high goals. I don’t expect we’ll see 100 non-FOUL)points until district playoffs.

It’s already happened


32 upper hub cargo :open_mouth:


citrus circuits just had one in practice and they fell off treversal in the same match

If this is just week 1, I want to see what Einstein will look like.




3310 and 624 just got 103. Cargo bonus and Climb RP too.


1678 and gang put up multiple 100+ in practice at Port Hueneme


we’ve had at least 3 already in practice at phr

Welp. I was DEAD wrong, and I couldn’t be happier that we are seeing such a high level of play.
Hopefully it will only get better! (If week 1 is like this imagine what Huston will look like!)


As a team that lost in that match, it was an honor to be stomped. Great levels of play all around today