1015 error from drive station when making PWM object

I am trying to control a PWM port on the roborio directly so that way I can easily control a strip of leds attached to our robot. When I create a new PWM object it throws out this error repeatedly in eclipse:

Error at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748): HAL: Incompatible State: The operation cannot be completed
edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.hal.PWMJNI.getPWMSpeed(Native Method)

and in the drive station in looks like this:

ERROR 1015 HAL:Incompatible State: The operation cannot be compleated 

here is what my program looks like (this is the only part of my code which contains references to the PWM class currently):

public class Robot extends TimedRobot {
	public static int position=2;									
	public static int autoDelay =0;
	static final double GEAR_RATIO = 10.71;							
	static final double WHEEL_R= 0.0762; 			 				
	static final float WHEEL_C= (float)(2*(Math.PI)*WHEEL_R);		        
	static final double BOT_DIAMETER= 0.594; 						
	String gameData = DriverStation.getInstance().getGameSpecificMessage();			

	//speed controllers
	static VictorSP backLeft = new VictorSP(3);
	static VictorSP frontLeft = new VictorSP(2);
	static SpeedControllerGroup leftSide  = new SpeedControllerGroup(frontLeft , backLeft);					
        static VictorSP frontRight = new VictorSP(0);
	static VictorSP backRight = new VictorSP(1);
	static SpeedControllerGroup rightSide  = new SpeedControllerGroup(frontRight , backRight); 			
	static VictorSP gripper = new VictorSP(4);
	static Talon frontWinch = new Talon(5);						
	Talon backWinch = new Talon(6);							
	static DifferentialDrive robotDrive = new DifferentialDrive(leftSide,rightSide);

	static Encoder leftEncoder = new Encoder(0,1);
	static Encoder rightEncoder = new Encoder(2,3);
	static DigitalInput gripperCloseSwitch = new DigitalInput(4);
	static DigitalInput gripperOpenSwitch = new DigitalInput(5); 
	//Controllers & Adjustments						
	PWM ledStrip1 = new PWM(7);
	PWM ledStrip2 = new PWM(8);
	static int cycleNum = 0;
	Joystick driveStick = new Joystick(0);
	Joystick liftStick = new Joystick(1);
	double liftTrim = 0.75;							
	double rotationTrim = 0.15;						
	double liftMode = 0.5;							
	static double autoRotTrim = .02;
	static double autoDriveTrim = 0.01;

	//auto Strat selection
	Command autonomousCommand;
	SendableChooser<Command> autoChooser;
	//position selection
	public Integer positionCommand;
	public static SendableChooser<Integer> positionChooser;
	//autonomous delay selection
	public Integer autoDelayCommand;
	public static SendableChooser<Integer> autoDelayChooser;
	public static OI m_oi;

	public void robotInit() {

This is a bug in WPILib. We’ll work on fixing it. In the meantime, you can work around the issue one of two ways:

  1. disable telemetry for your PWM objects:

  1. set bounds for your PWM objects:
ledStrip1.setBounds(20000, 10000, 10000, 10000, 0);
ledStrip2.setBounds(20000, 10000, 10000, 10000, 0);

Thank you that fixed my issue!
just have to figure the detailed programming

What LED strips are you trying to control? It seems unlikely that they work with servo style PWM as produced with the PWM class. You should probably be the DigitalOutput class with setPWMRate and updateDutyCycle, and enablePWM methods.