102 robot improvements

Posted by Jason Panila.

Student on team #102, Dexterious Gearheads, from Somerville High School, Somerville, New Jersey.

Posted on 3/28/2000 8:32 PM MST

hey, we have some changes to report for the ol’ sprocket rocket. Our hanging mechanism was taking too long(15 seconds up to prepare, 15 down to hang). We are changing the gear ratio to 2.7:1, so it should now take about 6 seconds to raise the hooks, another 6.5 to hang. Oh yeah. We also added rear bumpers to our rear near the end of our Rutgers competition. Our top/back heavy 5 ft machine can’t tip anymore, it’s proven, we bounce back up. third, we are adding better grips to the arm to provide better friction for easier ball steals. lastly, they are adding controls so that when I rotate the machine, I can squeeze the joysticks together to move 1/3 speed. When turning with a sensitive 8.5-9 ft/s gear system, it tends to turn too fast and overshoot the ball. the front, free-spinning wheels make it even harder. No we should be a lean mean, ball grabbing machine. Opponents beware, the dexterous gearheads are coming back for more.

Posted by Mike Kulibaba.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Student on team #88, TJ², from Bridgewater-Raynham Regional and Johnson and Johnson.

Posted on 3/28/2000 10:03 PM MST

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You don’t have to sell your robot, I have a feeling your robot will be in the top 16(if not the top 5)and if for some strange reason your not and we are, your definately on my list. Good luck and I can’t wait to see the improvements.

Kuli Team 88 TJ²