103 Alum, Rutgers University, and a very "cool" project

Imagine this - female role models using exciting projects to excite the next generation of leaders. I wonder if anyone around here is interested in such a notion :smiley:

Tina Haskins, a 103 alum and the first person to ever teach my oldest son Jake to swim, is currently at Rutgers University as a research scientist on an incredible robotics project recently featured in the NY Times here:

You can find all of the details on the latest mission here:

Tina also recently learned she has been chosen by Rutgers to lead research in Antarctica. Amazing stuff, stay tuned…

here’s another link if the nytimes online doesn’t work for you:

For those of you who haven’t checked out RU27, aka, the Scarlet Knight, I suggest you do so very soon. The reality of an underwater robot potentially making it all the way across the ocean is growing near.

Again, general mission info here: http://rucool.marine.rutgers.edu/atlantic/
And the very revealing scientists’ blog here: http://www.i-cool.org/?cat=38

Check out the most recent entries where unexplained biology was spinning the glider around…wild stuff. But, perhaps more importantly, regardless of the flight of the robot, I think real mission success was achieved late last month. Everyone interested in mentoring programs that solve hard problems and teach others should read this entry, now: http://www.i-cool.org/?p=2923

I have just spent several hours reading through all the descriptions, team introductions, data sets, science results, and journal entries on the project web site. This is one of the coolest projects that I have seen in a while. The team is updating their progress on a regular basis, and really let you peek in as a full participant in their adventure. And the fact that the project has turned over the keys to the vehicle to a group of undergraduate and high school students, and basically told them “go do good science, let us know what you find” is incredible. Everyone should find a way to work with a team like this (and if you can’t find one out there, then go create your own!).



update! Tina and three others have been at sea on the sailboat Nevertheless off the Azores for over a day en route to a rendezvous with RU27 (aka Scarlet Knight). No one has EVER seen a Slocum Glider after four months at sea. Tune into the RUcoolroom Webcam starting at noon eastern, audio will be on. See details of today’s events and link to webcam here: http://www.i-cool.org/?cat=38

What would you do if you were researching in Antarctica when one of your robotic gliders made history by completing a transatlantic crossing? Congrats, Tina, RU27, and all of RUCool