103 Teaser Picture

This is just a taste for what 103 has for the inventor submission. The lighting’s all wrong, it’ll be better.


I know it’s small, if you want a bigger picture just e-mail me: [email protected]

I’m sorry but there is no picture on my computer. try reposting the pic.

It’s looking small but good. I can’t wait to see what you guys will bring this year. Last years animation was absolutely great.

Here it is posted again:


If this doesn’t work, I’ll e-mail it to you.

If you can’t see it, it is a rendered image of the playing field.

With out seeing a larger image, I’d say it looks pretty good. Large assemblies like that take effort to pull off, so kudos!

I also have trouble with Inventor Studio. Lighting is a difficult thing, and I suspect that the ‘stock’ lighting schemes are not to great and require a lot of tweaking. So far, noone here at the college has been able to get it figured out.

Anyone have tips on using Studio to get good lighting results?

-Andy A.

That’s something you really have to play around with. with the playing feild, I started with some preset lighting and moved the lights around. I also added two lights. THe most trouble I had was that the walls became bleached-out a lot.

I would find one lighting system (that you create) and just stick with it for the rest of the large assemblies.

Rob it’s good to see you guys have been at work, if you can send me some occasional teasers on my e-mail [email protected] I like to keep up to what the team is up to. Oh and when you guys start working on the websites let me take a look at that too I wanna see if it compares with last years. So far looks great though I geuss Studio is gonna have to give you guys all new problems to deal with. Thats why I stick my old fashioned inventor 9. :smiley:

so far I’ve only rendered our almost finished robot, and I liked the ‘pleasant’ light configuration to do that, but I dont know how it will work in large environments such as the arena

very nice arena btw :wink:

That’s good. If you guys could share :rolleyes: …

But seriously, nice job, and good luck with the lighting. I see we have some tough competition.

you should post the zip file :smiley:



thank you!