1038 Auton - Top peg, baby!


Nice, slick robot. It’s a shame we aren’t going to be at a regional with you guys this year.

Looks like last night!

Way to be 1038. Can’t wait to see you guys at Buckeye. :smiley:

Buckeye should be a hoot, looking forward to it!

Excellent. Very smooth. Are you using vision sensor for that? (I didn’t see lines of the floor.) Looking forward to seeing you guys at Buckeye.

Our controls guys played with line tracking, but determined we could do it with gyro assisted dead reckoning. It works, not quite bullet proof but pretty close. We can do any top peg from just about any angle in auton… in teleop this thing is a monster! Looking forward to fine tuning in Pitt before playing with the crowd at Buckeye. See you there!