1073 is the best defender in the history of FIRST

The way 1073 on alliance 4 in the Curie division is defending is impressive, shutting down 1114 & 2056 and 987 & 2767. Curious to see how far can their defense take that alliance.


equals best defender in the history of FIRST?

Good clickbait I have to admit though


Put any examples of other years, in my 6 years in FRC i haven’t seen anyone as impressive

The actual best defense in FRC history




I have to agree with the op, that has to be some of the best defence this year.


If this is the “best defense” you’ve seen, then im concerned to see what defense (or lack of) you saw during the season. Bad driving on the other alliance doesnt mean good defense.

Not saying 1073 is bad or anything, they just actually played smart defense, which hasnt really been seen in detroit.


One of the best D was 71 in 2002. Their robot prevented so many opponent points while also scoring for themselves.

See also: Team 254 in 2018, who prevented opponent scale points because of their 4 cube auto and fast cycling.

IMO 254 from 2018 is best defense in terms of percentage of points prevented


That scott sterling bot was one of my fave from that year.


I didn’t really like the fact that they entered 1114’s frame completely a few times and locked the two bots together. It’s just not where another robot should be and I was surprised I saw 0 G20 calls.


For the record it was nothing against 1073, I was completely stunned by how good their defense was. I just found it to be a bit of a reach to immediately say it was the best defense ever in FIRST lol

6443, Aembot against 1678 last weekend was very impressive.


I get what your getting at here, but I’m not sure anyone would put 254 under the conventional term of defence in FRC.

In FRC I would say game actions prevented is a better metric. I care more about how many game pieces any given robot prevented another robot from scoring than wether or not that was what made the difference.

Preventing a level 1 climb and level 3 climb requires the same skill in defense, but just because one has a better output, don’t mean the driver or robot is any less defense ready.

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I’d say that this is a bit of an overstatement. There are plenty of examples of teams displaying this level of defense this year by completely shutting down another robot. What is impressive about 1073 is how consistent they are able to deny points against many great robots, plus the fact that they have alliance partners with the firepower to back them up.

Yes I relize this is almost exactly the same as percentage points prevented, expect for in Power Up

Thanks Power Up


Which is why I said “in terms of percentage of points prevented.”
Essentially I was making a joke with that one, but the 71 from 2002 was actually a serious answer. I’d want to know what others think about them being considered for best defense of all time

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Pretty sure 2767 was a better defender in both finals matches. In finals 1 they shut down 3538 for 50 seconds straight (120 seconds to 70 seconds). Not sure about their strategy (both playing counterdefense in F1 and playing defense in general as a strong offense robot).


1114 is known for it’s good driving, you are undervaluing the skill needed to frustrate that team, as I said is the best I’ve seen since I entered FRC 7 years ago


I have to agree with this. 1073 was really impressive, but 2767 was in a league of their own.

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I doubt im undervaluing anything. I also spoke nothing of 1114’s driving, which i will agree is good, but it doesnt seem to suit the style of defense 1073 played.

The question of 1114’s driving ability aside, it doesnt excuse 107 driving into the opponents side when 1114 was already there and trying to play defense.

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