1075 is planning on videotaping every match at the Canadian Regional...

I plan on videotaping all the matches at the Canadian Regional, and I will make a highlights tape, and I will definitely have a video of the finals which i could post on the net… i’m assuming dave lavery would like to put it up with the regional webcasts, which will save me bandwidth ;). i will make video of all of them, but getting it to digital format, and then real media is a pain. Anybody that wants any specific matches i will likely be able to do for you, but dont expect to be able to get all three days worth, thats just insanity :wink:

I would webcast directly from mississauga, but it is a little late to get an internet connection and whatnot into the building, so i hope nobody minds waiting a few days.

Anybody else planning on taping at the Canadian Regional should post here, maybe we can collaborate, like I film one field and you film the other, or something. If I don’t respond relatively quickly here, feel free to add me to your msn, aim, or yim which i am [email protected], thewhodoyacallit, and gfm1234567890 respectively (please use msn if you can)

See Everyone There! ---- 8 DAYS!!! according to my faultily programmed countdown clock :wink: