108 in same boat as 25

I felt this information deserved its own thread.

Team 108 is also going through a similar situation as 25. Two weeks ago we learned that one of our engineers, Jack V., was found to have cancer and went into emgency surgery. So I know what they have been going through and am glad that Wayne has been doing better.

I don’t want to steal your thread, but I also don’t want to start a new one.

Early in the season, our school advisor, Mrs. B went out for cancer surgery. A few weeks later, Chet went in for a rotator cuff surgery, and ended up having gall stones removed, and last week he had his whole gallbladder removed. Also, Quentin went out mid season for an emergency triple bypass. Needless to say, it’s been a tough season with only three adults overseeing the build process.

Anyways, Mrs. B is on the fast road to recovery, but keep Chet and Quentin in your prayers. Chet is a HUGE part of the team (especially during comp time, he oversees the scouting), and Quentin always helps him. We don’t know when/if either will be back.

Again, I’m deeply sorry if it seems like I’m trying to steal your thread, but this reminded me of Chet, Quentin, and Mrs. B and I had to post something.

No problem

I know how tuff it can be. Hope they all get better.

Oh, and I hope everything works out for Mr. V and the rest of your team.

we need Jack back on our team…

i need someone to inspire me again @ UCF… :frowning:

While I recognize the need to sympathize with one another, especially when people we look toward for inspiration and guidance are overcoming challenges of their own, may I ask that we remain mindful of their privacy?

Unless you’ve been given explicit permission to discuss your mentors’ difficulties, please be respectful of their privacy by withholding their name or the challenges they may be facing.

Thank you.

Many teams seem to be going through some sort of situation. I pray for all of you and hope things get better.

I’m glad though, that even in times of hardships, we survive and can be proud of ourselves.