1086: Blue Cheese 2015 CAD Animation

Team 1086: Blue Cheese presents the CAD animation for our 2015 robot: Caerphilly.


Caerphilly will make its first appearance this weekend at the Virginia Regional and its second appearance at the Chesapeake Regional. The Animation will be on display in our pit, along with various other videos.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for yet another wonderful build season, including Powertrain Control Solutions, Midas of Richmond, Showbest Fixture Corp, Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLC, and PTC.

That is an impressive animation :eek: And the robot looks like it will do great as well!

What program did you guys animate that with?

Thank you, its the product of many hours from a few people on our team and many more hours of rendering.
It was made with Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects

Just asked the people who made it. It took about 50 man-hours and 400 hours of rendering time.

400 hours of render time!? Wow. That’s literally how many man-hours we put into the CAD of our bot.
I was going to ask for a tutorial video, but after that… I think we’ll stick with cameras.

We put in that amount of time in CAD as well. The CAD model is used in the animation. It’s nice having two teams: design does the CAD model and media works on the animation. It works well for us.

Very nice work on the design of the robot and on the animation. Your opening shot had me a bit confused until I realized that you were using “camera angles” that are not normally possible.