1086 Scouting Database Ready for Download

Hello all,
Over the past couple of weeks team Blue Cheese scouting team has been working on making a database the would be able the assist existing scouting programs and help start those who were struggling with the daunting task of scouting. All of the necessary documents can be found at http://www.1086bluecheese.org/scouting.html.

A basic run through; in the zip file; a excel sheet, that allows teams to customize to which ever regional they may be attending, a pit sheet that will help guide teams through how to gain a basic knowledge of the competition, and a stands sheet that will help teams gain information and help keep the organized while scouting.

There are walk through instructions and recommendations in the Read Me file of the zip folder.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email [email protected].

Good Luck and Happy Scouting to all,
Blue Cheese Scouting