11:59 CLUB

Did most team finish bag and tag at 11:59 Tuesday.
If so you are now part of the 11:59 club.

Team 4061 is a member.

For the first time in years, 256 isn’t in the 11:59 club. :frowning: Surprisingly, we’re in the 8:30 and then go home and sleep club.

2073 finished and bagged at 10:55 PM.

3620 bagged 61 pounds of chassis and climber, and kept out 24 pounds of floor loading shooter, at 11:49. 10+ minutes ahead of schedule. :slight_smile:

None of my teams has ever had a robot this far below the weight limit at Stop Build before.

We were going to bag at 11:20, but found some issues at 11:19 we had to take care of quickly bagged at 11:59 pm :slight_smile:

Dude our tag reads 11:59! Believe me, we used EVERY moment…


It was fun.

Bagged at 11:52 wasting 0.01% of build time

11:59:30 pm but that was more for photo ops. With a third the team leaving, took a few extra seconds for them.

1741 was tagged at 11:52PM, 7 minutes ahead of schedule!

Wave finished at 11:57

That’s nothing. 857 hopes to be in the February 21 club. We had a blizzard hit on stop build day, closing the high school and all the universities, and they remain closed today. The plows were pulled at 1:45pm on the 19th, so there was no chance of getting to the robot. We hope to get over there to bag it tomorrow.

11:58 (didn’t want to push it…) and swiss-cheesing until the next-to-last minute. Still 0.4 lbs. over…

A couple of good “quotes” happened in those last 3 hours, too. :rolleyes:

4595 bagged at 11:42. :slight_smile:

Team 4301 finished at 9:00, when we were kicked out of the building so they could lock it up.

We bagged around 11:20 after finishing the robot, and than had sometime to play with it before putting it in the bag, it was fun lol

Team #2212 is a member twicefold… we pulled the last tie a few seconds before the clock showed 00:00

2771 finished a drive practice match at 11:59:22. By the time we had the robot off, bumpers off (which still need a little work), battery out, robot in the bag and tag on the bag it was 11:59:59PM. Just in time. :cool:

For at least the 10th year in a row, Team 100 is in the Monday club, not to say the robot is done :wink:

4263 was also kicked out of the building at 9PM. I think we pushed em off til about 9:30, then we really were gone.

Ahh, sleep…oh wait, there’s still vision code to be written. D’oh!