11 ball autonomous video!

At the North Star Regional our team made 11 out of 12 autonomous shots. So I put together every shot on the same screen all at once. Thought this would look cool. Any other teams have a video like this. I would love to see it. Anyway here is the video! Hope you enjoy.
Every 3883 Autonomous Shot at Once
11 out of 12 went in, not to bad.
(sonic music due to robots name “Sonic The Hedge Bot”)

What software did you use to get all working at once? Very cool

I used Adobe Premiere Pro. First I got all the clips and started them when the robot first started to move for each round. With a little math I knew each clip had to be scaled down to 25%, then I just moved each clip into its spot(a little bit of more math made this really easy). If you wanted you could do this in Sony Vegas (I think). Glad you liked it.