11 Match Districts?

I heard tonight that event staff and the FTAs at the New England Events this weekend are planning to run their events with 11 matches instead of the planned 12.

I, for one, would be super upset if I were competing in a district with 11 matches instead of the usual 12.

Has this ever happened before at any District Event in any District? Are any other districts planning on cutting down to 11 matches?

I know field reset is going to be a $@#$@#$@#$@#$@# this year, but come on…

I’m sure this is just a rumour. I can’t picture FIRST making this type of poor decision that would affect teams that adversely. I don’t think any district event has run with less than 12 matches unless there were extenuating circumstances such as bad weather.

Well at Northern Lights and Lake Superior we’re getting 8 matches for our $5000 fee and I’m ecstatic about it because there was talk of doing 7. The FTA’s made some pretty extreme and carefully thought out decisions to make that happen for our teams.

It’s all about perspective…

Confirmed that Waterbury and GSD ran match schedules for 11 matches.

Dang, 7 is absurd.

I think that’s why they decided to play through lunch and start early. They made some good calls to give teams the most for their money as possible. I’d love to see a game that can be cycled quickly enough to run 10 matches. 2014 was awesome in that sense.


If they want faster cycle times, they should have a better system than a PVC push stick and hand picking up all the balls.

I know that last year they cut Greater DC down to 10 quals matches due to problems with the e-stop button not working. (The event where a robot escaped the field) This was an on the fly decision to keep the event from running way too late.

I agree, watching the field reset it seems they could quickly push all the fuel to the center zone and let the teams then start dealing with bots near the air ships with a rule to stay out of the center zone. Occasionally there will be a bot that ends up mid field, but that is usually an exception-- that team would have to wait for fuel pickup.

It does seem that some sort of more automated means beyond co-locating fuel and hand picking them up could be devised, such as pushing them onto a big tarp or net with a draw string that allows you to gather a large number, get them contained and off the field quickly.

Another option would be to allow team members on the field during purple lights, but they can only help round up fuel and stray gears – no approaching hanging bots or moving or lifting bots until the lights go green. Crowd source the fuel cleanup with 12 more people.

[old man]I remember when you could go to an event and a quarter the teams would be eliminated after two matches (double elimination tournament), and that might be your only competition that year.[/old man]

having mentored single event teams that don’t usually make elims to a district team that usually has a fair shot at making QF, I’m still way happier with 10-12 matches and two+ events. 12 is always nice, but 11 is still pretty good.

Surely I can’t be the only person in New England a bit peeved by this… And I’m not even competing this week!

Week One Participants are not getting the same matches as the other NE events. I would be flipping if I were at GSD or Waterbury right now.

This is not a rumour (rumor)

We were asked tonight if this was okay. To be honest, some of the mentors welcome this because it’s a week 1 event and they are tired, but the younger mentors were a little peeved.

I understand why…But I still see a dollar amount next to each match ever since I started competing in districts.

We will not be protesting or anything for the weekend, but we will be voicing our discontent with NE FIRST and FIRST HQ directly afterwards.

Bailey, I absolutely agree with you. With a district system every match counts in order to gain the district ranking points to earn your way to district champs and then world champs. It is a disservice to all teams competing at Week 1 if they get fewer matches to play and rank themselves against teams playing at later events. Week 1 teams already deal with enough of a difference in terms of rule definitions and their implementations – not to mention field problems like the springs that will be solved for Week 2 events. All these teams are not getting the same value the other teams are and quite frankly fighting an uphill battle against other teams.

This year they are allowing 9 minutes between matches. In prior years it was 7 minutes. Hence the fewer matches.

All the info I was provided from HQ via FTAA training presented 7 min turnaround times.

11 matches also introduces surrogates, which are always bad, and especially bad in districts where you want equal field time.

Lol I forgot about surrogates.

What a cluster…

With current team attendance:

Waterbury - 42 (teams attending) * 11 (matches per team) / 6 (teams per match) = 77

GSD - 39 (teams attending) * 11 (matches per team) / 6 (teams per match) = 71.5

GSD will need surrogates, Waterbury will not.

Here is NE FIRST’s official statement on it as well :


So it’s official for now.