11 Match Districts?

I jokingly asked if we could expect a partial refund on our registration fee based off of less matches.

Oh and something needs to be done about the 9x9 pits at waterbury if they are hosting an event next year. 9x9 is tight to work in!!

The quantity of matches played does not impact the district standings points you receive under the system used since 2015.

To play the other side of the coin, I think this is absolutely the right call at this junction.

I can understand frustration at both an unbalanced experience for teams competing at early events and at having to pay the same cost for fewer matches, but there is a mountain of historical data justifying that week one events have a more difficult time meeting their match turns than later events, and an event running over length by four to five hours (which has happened) may not seem like a big deal to some people, but represents a real cost. Not just logistically but emotionally and physically on teams and volunteers.

This year is turning out to be one of the most difficult field builds ever, with the crews at GSD, Waterbury, and others literally constructing and machining missing pieces of the field during setup. I know that that’s not the responsibility of any team in attendance, but it is nonetheless the reality in which we stand.

As a mentor of a team at Waterbury I personally voice only the strongest support for this decision that I feel has been made with the best interest of many teams and volunteers in mind, even though it may be difficult for some of us to swallow.

i agree the right call was made. But it still stings a bit.

While the ranking points being averaged this year helps a little bit, having that 12th match where you have fully tuned your autonomous fuel shooting, or run 1 more gear could change the rankings because of the earned rank points. This would change the number of district points you earn at Week 1 with 11 matches compared to someone who competes Week 3 and 5 who gets 12 matches each time plus thatvrefinement. This is all hypothetical and maybe wouldn’t happen but it is a real possibility. The only way to keep it fair would be to reduce every District Event to 11 matches which seems a little extreme since the reason for the change is turn time which historically gets lower as the season goes on.


Am I missing something; what poor decision was made (other than game design in a field reset standpoint)?

Honestly, if my options are play 11 matches or alliance selections at 3pm and be done by 8pm, I’ll go with the 11 matches. Event staff still has to tear down the field afterwards too.

FIRST needs a simple, few gamepiece game next year to make up for the last 3 years of ridiculous field reset.

I’m certainly not thrilled, but also not surprised. It will take longer than they think to reset this field.

This field looks to be more difficult to assemble than any I’ve seen. When pits closed last night it wasn’t close to finished. I’ve heard stories of missing parts and incompatibilities between FIRST and Andymark field elements.

Are there any field reset crews using systems other than just picking up all the Fuel by hand? If it gets teams all the matches they’re supposed to get, I imagine you’ll have mentors lining up willing to shell out the hundred bucks to get a better collection system.

They can have a judges award for the best fuel reset device.

At a week 0 event, instead of pvc pushers, it was an axel with 5" (?) wheels. That was really slick for pushing fuel.

I was thinking snow shovels to pick up fuel and dump into bins.

Or put some walls on the wheeled version, and it could push into large boxes turned sideways, which are then dumped into smaller 50 fuel sized bins.

I was not under the impression that this was NE FIRST deciding to do something, but FIRST HQ recommending to district events to cut back to 11 based on how other events were doing this weekend. I don’t think individual districts were making these decisions independently, and the regional staff seemed about as thrilled about it as the rest of us when explaining.

DEFINITELY not optimal, but it reflects the match turnaround issues specific to the over-complexity of this game/field… not anything the NEFIRST event organizers and event volunteers have much control over.

Hopefully there can be 12 matches in later weeks, but honestly, I won’t be that disappointed by 11 matches vs 12… given the circumstances.

Sorry I don’t know the field element names and I only watch from afar now-a days but why do both boxes of balls dump at the same time? Are there robots that can collect both boxes at one time? Would that be even legal with robot size requirements. How hard would it be to have each box dump separately?

This has been how the game has worked since Kickoff. There is one release panel per pair of boxes.

I recall at GA at one event I was watching on TBA yesterday saying “Oh, they’re not making any friends on field reset with that move,” as a team during an all-gear-bot match released two hoppers onto the field even though nobody was using fuel that match. This shouldn’t have to be the case, but if teams want to speed up match cycle times, there’s no reason they couldn’t all get together and decide not to hit the hoppers unless they actually plan on using fuel. Especially in week 1 events where it seems like 95% of matches are just a gear and climb race.

So after a long day at Waterbury, I decided to revise my previous post after initially deleting it. To start with for those of you complaining about the 11 match districts you need to know the reasons we are so far behind. Last night the setup crew worked until 11:30PM and still didn’t finish the field. They needed to drill hundreds of holes that were either not in the pieces or in the wrong location. Many parts were manufactured incorrectly and problem needed to be solved. Many hardware parts were not shipped with the field.

This morning our entire build crew of students and mentors assisted the field crew for 3 1/2 hours in getting the field built including supplying Velcro, double stick tape, para-cord for gear pulls and fabricating parts.

The turn time on field started at 14 minutes and is now down to 5 minutes. The biggest problem with the delay and the reduction of matches is due to the huge delay in the start of matches. By the time the field was done opening ceremonies were completed with us on the field. No practice matches because the field finally got finished around 11:30AM.

None of these issues were for lack of effort on part of the field crew. FIRST supplied our event with a sub-par field, manufactured poorly, not to specifications with significant missing hardware.

For a company that wants students to get involved with STEM and become future designers and engineers, this was a really poor rollout for the game this year. I personally think FIRST owes our entire community an apology for not providing us with a complete and properly manufactured field to be use for our competition. The teams have 6 weeks to build a robot and it is expected to be complete and pass inspection at the end. Why couldn’t FIRST build and deliver a complete field in 8 weeks?

After running matches until 9:00PM we are still 17-18 matches behind and we will be starting early tomorrow morning to try and catch up. Overall the day has gone well even with all the delays. Looking forward to eliminations tomorrow.

Just as an update: it is 6pm, my team played 3 qualification matches today so far.

Waterbury is having a hard stop at 9pm tonight.


Well, technically making the field harder to navigate is a valid strategy. Not like the best strategy, but there are some robots that would probably work poorly in a field of fuel.

TFW people are complaining about 11 or 12 matches, and some regionals only get 7 or 8

Hey, they paid for 12 and they’re not getting it. I can understand the frustration, even though my team will be ecstatic if they get more than 8.

Tfw people don’t understand the difference between districts and regionals