1114: Absolutely stunning record over the last few years

Was just looking at the results from this year and realized just HOW incredible their record is:

1114 has a WLT record of 48-1-0 after three events.
The only match they’ve lost this year was Q47 in Pittsburgh, against 2656/378/48, by 13 pts.
I’m proud to say my team was part of their closest victory margin (they beat us by a mere 4 points, 76-72 in Q24 at Waterloo).
They’ve acquired 4 blue banners already this year, winning Pittsburgh, Waterloo and GTREast, as well as winning the RCA for GTREast.

I can’t wait to see what CMP has in store for them.

Consider though, their record in 2010.

In 2010, 1114 had a WLT record of 66-3-2.
They went undefeated in regional competition, losing Q100 in Curie on purpose, playing against 111/888/469.
They went undefeated in Curie Eliminations, winning the Division, and going to Einstein finals, to lose in 2 matches to 177/67/294.
They earned 5 blue banners in 2010, winning Pittsburgh, Waterloo, GTR, Curie Division, and the RCA for Waterloo.

Over less than 2 seasons, that’s 114-4-2. With one of those 4 losses being on purpose, and 2 of the other 3 in Einstein finals. Positively impressive.

2009’s record is slightly less impressive at 29-9-0, being upset in Midwest by the #8 alliance, and only going to 2 regionals. They still managed to take home 1 regional win at GTR, and an RCA.

And of course, their Championship run in 2008, regular season record of 59-7-0, one of the losses being on Einstein. 3 regional wins, Galileo Division, Championship, and Waterloo’s RCA.

All told, since 2008: 202-20-2, with 3 of the 20 losses on Einstein, 1 on purpose, 10 regional wins (out of 11 regionals attended), 2 championship divisions (out of 3 attended), 1 championship (out of 3 attended), and 4 RCAs (out of 4 submissions).

Since their inception in 2003, they’ve won 17/24 regionals attended, at least one every year since 2004, attended championship all 8 years, since 2006, they’ve only not won 2 regionals they attended (2007 GLR, 2009 Midwest), and an RCA every year since 2006 (6/9 possible). They’ve won 3 regionals in the same year 4 times now (2006, 2008, 2010, 2011), one of only a handful of teams to do that, the ONLY team to win 3 regionals AND Championship in the same year (2008).

Good luck 1114: I hope you win that long overdue Championship Chairman’s, and another Championship win, after coming so close to a perfect season in 2010. Don’t let the dissenters get under your skin.

Reading over these mind-boggling statistics confirmed my suspicions that 1114 is a really really amazing team that has been able to repeatedly dominate everyone else despite very tough competition and a pool of competitors that increases greatly every year. It amazes me how they are able to have such few losses… they must have a very strong strategy team.

One thing of note: 67 won three district competitions, a state championship, and the world championship in 2009… could that possibly be construed as being equivalent to winning three regionals and a championship?

I agree, this is absolutely outstanding!

1114 is THE benchmark standard that I use to compare my teams success to.

An outstanding group of teachers, mentors, and students. They have earned all their success.

Good luck in St. Louis 1114!

Even more mind boggling is that they only have 1 world championship with their previous 5 robots (06-10) all capable of taking it with an equally effective partner.

Another amazing team (in my opinion) is 2056. maybe never won championships, or win Chairmans every year, but have NEVER lost a regional in there existance. That is a huge acomplishment that i beleive no other team in the world could say they have done. However no chairmans awards they do a lot around the community from what i see, My mom and sister saw them helping out at a figureskating competition (during this years Kickoff weekend!). Great Job 1114 and 2056 your teams are what we compaire our robot to every year (ours is never good enough to win in GTR :frowning: or any other competition)

1114 is truly impressive. The best part is, if you ask them how you can be as successful as they are, they will tell you.

Has any team ever won the WC and WCCA in the moden-era?

2056 does have similarly amazing statistics, and are an excellent team in their own right. It comes as no surprise their lead mentor started out mentoring 1114, and there’s been an ongoing relationship between the two.

2007: 36-9-1, 2 Regional Wins
2008: 38-4-0, 2 Regional Wins (Undefeated at GTR and in Newton Qualifications, 2/4 losses in Newton Semifinals)
2009: 37-5-1, 2 Regional Wins
2010: 45-6-1, 2 Regional Wins (All 3 of their losses at Waterloo/GTR were to alliances containing 1114, and 2 of the other 3 were on Einstein)
2011: 45-6-0, 3 Regional Wins (1 loss in QTR 1-1 @ FLR via red card to alliance mate, 1 loss in F1 @ FLR via minibot race decision of a tie, 4 losses at Waterloo, 3 to 1114, and 1 to 1075/1241/1305 by 5 pts), undefeated at GTR, and FLR Qualifications.

Career total: 201-30-3, 11 regional wins (of 11 regionals attended), 1 Championship division (out of 4)

Yep, the HOT Team (67) did this in 2005.

Andy B.

While we’re talking about awesome NiagaraFIRST teams: 1503 in 2011 has been excellent as well. 28-4-0, with 3 of their 4 losses to alliances containing 1114, winning 2 regionals undefeated in eliminations, paired with 1114 both times, and WITHOUT FLOOR LOADING.

All I know is that when our design this year turned out to be somewhat similar to 1114’s (lift + claw + drop a track), all the CDers on our team were like giddy schoolchildren.

Yes 67 won both in 2005

Stop to think of it: I’m not sure which group scares me more. NiagaraFIRST, or Team IFI.

Team IFI teams in 2011:

NiagaraFIRST teams in 2011:

As Andy said, only 67 in 2005.

If any team can do it this year, it’d be 1114.

217, 33, 148 and a handful of others also have a decent shot at it in the near future, but none have won CA’s this year.

Do all the teams in question submit for the CA each year?


33 won a district chairmans this year, but did not win one of the three spots at the MSC… but they are very close… And don’t count out 548 & 1023, both had great submissions and increable robots…

33 and 217 have won at least two Chairmans in the last three years, though it appears that I was misinformed and 148 has not won a CA since 2002. That being said, they seem more than capable of winning an RCA, or at least from what I’ve been told about their team.

I think other people are adding an implied stipulation to this question, of has a team ever won the Championship and Chairman’s Award in the same year in the modern era? The answer to that is only one, 67.

However there have been other teams that have won both the Championship and Chairman’s in different years. If you define the “modern era” as the 3v3 era (starting in 2005), you also have 111 who won the Championship in 2009 and the Chairman’s in 2006. If you expand that to the whole alliance era, you also have 365 who won the Championship in 2001 and the Chairman’s in 2007.

I have to agree, 1114 is defiantly one of those teams you can look to for some incredible stuff. I’d love to play a match against them and hope to in St.Louis! :D. But does anyone have any videos of Simbot Steve? I’m extremely curious!


Waterloo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ1Op8XLsao

Pittsburgh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOcOAb3lToM&feature=related