1114 and 2056

Seeing as 1114’s 2010 entry rivals their 2008 robot for levels of awesome, its posed a few new questions:

Can they increase their record of being the only team to have won 3 regionals in the same year twice to being the only team to do it thrice?

Can they become the only team to win 3 regionals + CMP in the same year twice?

Can they join the elite few who’ve tasted CMP gold on more than one occasion?

Similarly, 2056 is asking questions of their own:

Can they extend their new record (having broken 254’s old record of winning their first 6 regionals) of 7 to 8 at GTR?

Can they get their first CMP?

Also, have the pair of them now set a record winning 6 regionals together? (2007 WAT+GTR, 2008 WAT+GTR, 2009 GTR [1114 didn’t attend 2009 WAT], 2010 WAT)