1114 Launcher

I was at GTR this weekend. Obiviously 1114 dominated. I was just wondering if anybody knew how their launching mechanism worked.

all i know about it is they use some form of a gas shock thats what ive heard.
they are a great team

no gas shocks, no pneumatics

they shoot with the power of 1 fischer price. It pulls back a large linear bearing rod pulling surgical tubing taught. Then they have a pneumatic cylinder that punches the motor out of the powertrain and frees the shooter.

It’s not a gas spring. Its a metal shaft on a linear bearing attached to surgical tubing, the surgical tubing in winched down by a FP (I believe) in a dewalt gearbox. Then they use a dog gear as a clutch.

Edit: looks like I was beat to the ‘punch’ :stuck_out_tongue:

According to Clarke’s third law, I believe their entire robot works by magic.


That sounds about right, maybe little nomes live inside the chasis and work there magic.:smiley:

Way to go at Colorado Winnovation, you guys ted us with your shooter. (I’m sure we would have won if our launcher worked:p )

ohh and another little timbit (you need to be Canadian to get that), the top arm of their roller claw is actually on a bit of a pivot and has a little piston at the end of it, so when they fire I bet they retract the piston to release the pressure on the ball.

Timbit #2: if you look closely they have another mini puncher on the end of their roller claw which they can use to poke the balls off the overpass. I’ve only ever seen them use this once, its another shaft in a linear bearing connected to a small piston.

So it’s timbit now, not tidbit? Interesting…I’ll have to start using that and confusing all my American friends…and then have them laugh at me when I tell them what it means…oh well.

But ending my ramblings- 1114’s shooter was awesome. As Don said in Looking Forward’s Week 5 predictions thread,

It’s true. That machine is above and beyond anything I have ever seen- it rivals 25’s 2006 robot in excellence- and that robot was GOOD. The winch/crossbow idea sounds interesting- hope a member of 1114 posts with more specific details on how it works.

or maybe they will just keep it thier own little secret:cool:


You can find out more info on our launcher on our website at: http://simbotics.org/robot

Alternatively, there’s a lot of good info in this thread: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65366

Feel free to ask any specific questions that you might have.

Ok, how does one go about and stop your robot from scoring? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it’s necessarily the shooter on Simbotic’s robot that makes it work so well, it’s the fact that every single part has been worked on and fine tuned to do its job efficiently. The drivetrain is fast, the pick-up is reliable, the auto racks up tons of points. Probably most importantly, their drivers are very skilled. Good driving is an enormous part of the game! If they had a bad driver trying to control it, they would just be just like any of the other dozens of good teams this year.

Obviously you haven’t been to a Krispy Kreme recently… :rolleyes:

Could we see a pic of that dog gear? That’d be great since I’m still learning a lot of mechanical techniques involved with FIRST robots:)

I can’t speak about the doughnuts and timbits/doughnut holes (never tried the ones at Timmy’s), but the coffee is no comparison. Tim Hortons coffee is simply the best you’ll ever get at any fast food restaurant.

I would imagine the dog gear would work in a very similar way to the dog gear in the AM shifters and look very similar also. The only difference would be that the AM shifter would shift between high gear and low gear, while 1114’s arm gearbox would shift between engaged and un-engaged.

I knew it was electric somehow… but… wow that’s a nifty idea. I had no idea there was so much stuff behind the little black poky thing you see when you all on 1114 launch. I’m amazed you haven’t won any kind of design award for it yet… or have you and I didn’t hear?

Change of subject…

After playing with 1114 in the finals, and against them once or twice in the seeding matches at MWR, my answer is no, you can’t flat out stop them, but you can slow them down (still shocked and awed at how little defensive play there was at GTR).

Any shooter can be slowed down with good defense, and yes, it’s possible to do defense without getting flags or penalties or playing dirty.

Unless there’s some kind of miracle in which teams end up in which divisions(it sure would be nice!), I think we’re going to have one heck of a showdown this year on Einstein…


More specifically… Eastern Canadian. Sure we have Timmy’s out here in the west (although not on every second street corner…) but ever since they stopped making their doughnuts fresh they have gone downhill in a sad, sad way. Still, their massive advertising somehow keeps them popular amongst those who need the calories to stay warm while they are shoveling snow.

What was this thread about again? :smiley:


your thinking the wrong way

the question should be

“how does one go about beating your robot?”

the answer is simple

outscore them or score with them 1:1

(i honestly think there was 1 team that could do this besides 2056 at the Greater Toronto Regional, they were my dark horse team and they were in the finals. unfortunitly, as someone said, bad driving can make a great robot just look good…i think this team might want some driving practice before Atlanta, if one does their research, they will know EXACTLY what team im talking about. I hate to criticize a team that i really like, their team members are really cool, got to know them last year at championships)

EDIT: this is a truly dominating machine, i came in this year thinking… “1114 probably has the biggest target on their backs coming into this season, they better show up”, and show up they did. i will never doubt Karthik or Derek again. i think me thinking that motivated them, they read my mind with their magical powers after winning WFA Finals awards…