1114 Prototyping Leaked Footage!

Leaked footage of 1114 prototyping simbot sideswipe!

I stopped what I was doing to see this. Was not disappointed.

Yet another example of why 1114 is such a great team. The level of attention to detail, finish, and quality of their prototype easily surpasses most finished robots I’ve seen this year. Simply an astounding team.

Note: Where did they find time to powdercoat their prototype?!

Wow, I’m surprised that even on 1114 CADers are capable of swapping feet with inches. Truly a humble reminder to always double check the dimensions before you send files to be machined.

Can’t help but feel that I have been Rick Rolled…

Wow, words can’t describe how amazed I am. The way they move around those totes is genius! :ahh:

More like duck rolled or perhaps botrolled.

And let me link you to a spotlight post.

I too am at a loss for words… :ahh:


I was expecting to see footage they released prior to their unveil only for teams to realize later that it was a hint.
Perhaps they and other Powerhouse teams could start a trend in doing something similar to FIRST game hints…say, week 2 of build season.:wink:

Come on now, their Canadian, no feet to inches, its all in liters.:slight_smile:

Haha, I don’t know about the robot, but that blue tote is from Troy, Michigan. Who are you fooling?

Yep! But it’s easy to mix liters and Celsius though! Trust me, I’ve experienced it!

Also it seems they have plans of going to troy.

hmmm… Not sure that they can fit in the sizing envelope with those dimensions

How’d they fit a battery in that thing? :ahh:

Perhaps they mixed up 3√liters with meters?

If you want to be truly Canadian it’s litre (L) and metre (m) :]

That is an awesome robot. I love it haha

Why we started to think of Omni drive? One of our mentors was working for a company designing an autonomous Floor Cleaning machine. They were thinking of using Omni drive for the robots at the time so he was doing research on Omni Drives. We then started to prototype (Like that little Simbot).

Today Avidbots Corp released a video of their newest robot

I am pretty proud to say I am now working with him to design the next version of the robot, and got to help assemble the robot in the video.