1114 vs. 469

Who do you think is a better robot and team? and why?

Completely different designs and strategies.

1114 is a scoring monster and one on one vs 469, 1114 will win every time.

469 is an alliance bot. The better their alliance players are, the better they are.

In the qualification rounds where alliances are random … I’d probably take 1114. In the elims where 469 will have a good scorer to assist, I’ll take 469.

In my opinion, 1114 is the best “traditional” breakaway robot out there. They score with the best of them (from any zone), they are fast, they can push, they have great drivers (as always it seems), and they are one of the fastest hangers I know of. Their robot is surely as well engineered as any robot out there. However, I’m a HUGE fan of creativity. While I do not doubt that 1114 was creative in finding ways to play the game as best as they can, 469’s strategy (and execution) is amazing.

One-on-one, 1114 would take 469 almost every time. But in the elimination matches, if 469 has an offensive powerhouse on its alliance (and I don’t see how it wouldn’t), 1114 would be hard pressed to score fast enough to be competitive.

i would not mind either one on my alliance. In the qualifications i would take 1114 just because of there ability to score and hang consecutively. And i would have to say i would take them over 469 in the finals. Even though 469 will be with a good alliance almost as they have been with 217 twice and won both i think 1114 would still have a great alliance and be able to hang and score well to beat 469

As Dan said, they’re different strategies. 469 with a scorer will dominate…

Put 'em together we’re all screwed… (Hint for Atlanta)

why do I get the really scary feeling that that alliance is inevitable?

I saw some strategies last weekend that were effective at keeping 469 out of the tunnel. Granted, they can still kick from the middle, but I don’t think they would be able to keep up with a team like 1114 mid-fielding. 1114 would have to play 3v2 to keep 469 out of the tunnel… but my money is on them.

Were they really that effective though? Teams had 2 weeks (or was it one?) to develop a game plan for beating 469, and they won MORE matches this past weekend than they did at Cass Tech.

Only if they end up in the same division.

Problem I see, is that the likelihood of 469 ending up in a division without one of 148, 217, 1114, 2056, etc. is basically zero.

I didn’t say they had strategies to beat 469… They were just able to keep them out of the tunnel for a while. I don’t think there was enough “high caliber” teams at these district events to challenge 217 + 469, even when 469 was playing like a normal robot. This may change when the dynamic of teams at the event changes, though.

It will be interesting to see how the MSC plays out. 469 hasn’t played at an event with 67 yet.

It saddens me that there is so much focus on us this year. It detracts from other teams that put just as much, or more effort into their robot than we did. They may have taken a more traditional approach, but these teams are all still innovative and creative with their robots. 33, 67, 148, & 217, just to name a few, should all be commended for having great robots, each as different as night and day. (Except 148 & 217, but that is beside the point. ) Even newer teams with only a couple years under their belts are doing well. 2612 seeded at both of their events and made it to the finals at Cass Tech. They have an amazing robot this year also.

Your forgot 341 – They have won two regionals now, and have a robot very similar to 217.

I don’t know who you’re thinking of, but it’s not 314. 314’s robot is nothing like 217. They have a scissors lift mechanism.

That would be team 148, The Robowranglers. Their robot is similar to 217’s. Whilst they have not won two regionals, they definitely have the potential to win another one, which will probably be at Lone Star.

Maybe he was referring to 341, who has won two regionals and appear to have a similar two roller ball magnet.

Whoops. I fixed it.

Your post is very gracious and terribly sweet. But you should ENJOY your team’s amazing accomplishment and all the attention. Congratulations!

I know that this is gonna be a shocker to Karthik, but given the choice, I’d pick 1114 hands down. Why? 1114 defended can still score 10+ goals. If 469 gets successfully defended in autonomous, they are down for the count (which Killer Bees semi-successfully proved at Troy last weekend). With a deep enough field, such as Great Lakes or Atlanta, a serpentine pick could easily play defence against 469 and clear the middle zone of balls in the first minute. Once that happens, it doesn’t matter if 469 locks in at that point, because two good scoring bots can have at it at that point, with that 3rd bot assisting from the middle. 1114 on the other hand, you’d have to defend all 135 seconds, and still get your robot run circles around.

For Great Lakes? Now that 33 has exploited the 469 weakness, I would take a high scoring pair over one high score + 469. Nobody has been talking about HOT, but they with 217 or 33 or 51 could run the board against any 469 combination. Championship? Look for a 16/33/51/1114 combination to beat the 217/469 pairing in Division Finals (Prediction - they’ll mostly end up in the same division, other than 67)

You also have to look at your last paragraph from both teams points of view. if 469 is picking and sees 67 is a better scorer than 217, Why would they pick 217 then? I also think the scorer would rather score exclusivly within their home zone instead of waiting for balls to come from the midzone. IMHO, you only have to watch the first 20 seconds of a match to decide which stratedgy your going to use. if 469/scorer get a 3rd pick that can play and harrass teams in all three zones and kick the ball away from teams (86 comes to mind). then that alliance will be in the finals.

for me personally, I would take 1114 easally in the qualifications, but i would take 469 just over 1114 in the eliminations. But I wold be glad with either in either situation.

469 would most likely pick 217 because they’ve done it in the past and won. At Troy 217 had issues the first day of competition and seeded fourth overall (behind 469, 33, and 226 in that order) and was still chosen by 469. Your thinking of Alliance selections as a far less political matter than they actually are. (Also, I’m a little disappointing our robot hasn’t gotten a shout out yet, we beat 33 in a qualification match, but had three penalties which put them ahead by one point, then tied them 10-10 three matches later. 226 is definitely a contender this year.) The strategy 33 attempted at Troy with 910 will not take down a 469/217 power alliance. You would need two mid/far zone robots to be able to compete against 469 in eliminations.