1114's Sneak Preview

From their Facebook Page:

In response to all the requests for a sneak preview, if we get up to 1500 likes on our FB page (now at 1298) and 1300 Twitter followers (now at 1153) we’ll post a picture of Simbot B.A. for everyone to see in advance of the event.

Now go! We all need this!

Direct link to 1114’s facebook.
1114’s twitter

Maybe a reason to make Facebook/ Twitter accounts!

I pity the fool who doesn’t do this right now.

What you guys can’t wait two more days to watch it actually start dominating live and in constantly buffering glory?

Well quite a bit of teams are competing this week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to get my 360p screenshot of it…

More like 10p. Liked and followed.

Nothing and I repeat NOTHING ever beats seeing the real deal with your own two eyes. I will be getting a good eyeful of 1114, 2056 and 610 @ GTW West in three weeks.
It’ll be awesome!

watchFIRSTnow will be broadcasting the greater toronto east regional in 720p. Granted our video source is only 480i, you will not be disappointed in this webcast.

610 will not be at GTR West. Doing Waterloo.

aw man! What a bummer!

One can’t watch livestreams while at waterford :frowning:


Update: Facebook is up to 1,464
Twitter is up to 1,215.

Got about 20 friends to like the facebook page

I’ll be honest. I’m posting here to bump the thread so more people see this. Forgive me. :smiley:

EDIT: It’s my birthday so I get a break.

@Koko Ed You should come to Waterloo :slight_smile:

Sorry. Libby laid claim to me as soon as the schedule came out. I’m beholden to Boston til the Districts taketh away, then I’m a free agent.

5 left on facebook. Lets finish twitter (73 left). https://twitter.com/frc1114