1124's New Website

OK i guess it isn’t exactly new since it has been up since September, but we have finished the polishing stage. Any comments/critiques before we submit this to FIRST?

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I think it’s pretty good. I like how you have the latest “news” on the front page. I dunno if you might be able to look at our website @ www.robocats.org. Thanks

Our site used to be awesome (because our person made it entirely in flash) but then we had to convert it into HTML and it is still pretty good but not as good. check it out.



yours is looking good too, but if you want some more input, its better to create your own topic for that. Same with you, 2191.

sweet, it looks good

I like your site, but how come the menu is all in lowercase? It just seems weird to me to have things in all lowercase. :stuck_out_tongue:

To me it looks like a stylistic thing… it actually matches the flow of the site. the dotted border doesn’t though.

haha, I guess I’m just not getting it. O well, cool site though. :slight_smile:

Awesome website guys. Full of lots of info, and very helpful

You guys should improve your search button though as well as pointing the banner to your homepage. I also think you guys should have a team bio, because i didn’t see any of your team members on the site except the mentors.

Also, how did you make the calendar?

Our mentors didn’t want the students info publically available for safety reasons.

And the calendar was made with AJAX and a lot of work and tweaking. There is a background javascript class that handles the popups and allows them to be dynamic.