115 Has Found Their Robot!

115 has had their robot recovered! They posted it to their facebook and i spied it on Reddit! Unfortunately, the truck and tools are still missing. Glad they can compete with it, apparently it was found in a yard.

It seems as though their trailer was also found, but they still never found some hardware and tools.

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If you read my reddit post and got confused, Im sorry.

They did, with the help of local Utah law enforcementfind their trailer. The tools inside, as well as their bots were not there. The competition robotwas found later, dumped in front of someones house. The trailer had been removed from their mentors truck. They still do not have their tools.
](https://www.facebook.com/mvrt115/photos/a.187505931288462.35722.111321172240272/1665049443534096/?type=3&theater)In my reddit post I mention GPS trackers and a truck being stolen. This is reference to back in 2013* when the RoboDawgs trailer as well as my dads truck were stolen. I’d just like to add this for clarity’s sake.