1153 preview

Our prototype robot in its almost finished state. Not all the materials are finalized, and the bumpers are just there as stand-ins. More to come as the week progresses.

Here’s a video of it in action

:slight_smile: glad to see were not the only ones to use the concrete forms

Nicely done. Looks good.

How many balls can your Archemedes screw hold?
Do you have any way of keeping the target stationary? or following a target?

The Screw holds about 23 to 24 balls. The Camera isn’t in the picture but it follows trailers and will hopefully help control the shooting speed. Though its not so much as a shooter as it is a tosser.

looking good

Robot is all complete and shipped. Here’s a picture of the final robot “The Can”

Album with more images: http://picasaweb.google.com/roborebels1153/FinalRobot#

Nice! Can you shoot/dump right up against the goal at the same speed?

Yes it can. What we do is we slow down the shooter wheel’s speed so that it can dump them out for close targets or we go full speed to shoot at targets farther away. It’s range is from next to a trailer to 5 ft away without losing much accuracy.

During the competition, we realized that we couldn’t accurately shoot at a distance of 5 ft. while moving. We made a quick modification to the shooter opening that allows us to still shoot with the same speed, only the balls go straight down into the trailer now. It helped us a lot and was a great improvement.

Certainly a force to be reckoned with at Boston, one of the best driving, most dangerous teams out there. Best of luck in Philly!

On a side note, what kind of gearing did you have on your drivetrain? That thing was really quick!

Beautiful bot…

We used a 3-gear DeWalt transmission on each side of the robot that powered 2 wheels each. We had some trouble last year with them breaking, but we picked up a tip from another team about a modification that they made on their DeWalts that made the less likely to break and more efficient.

I wasn’t involved with the drive train, so that might not make any sense… Haha. Congrats on your win at Boston, by the way!

You guys were absolutely disgusting (in a good way) at Boston. It was fun to share a hotel with you. Funny that we’ll be seeing you again at Philly. Who knows, we might be in the same hotel again. We’ll be at the Holiday Inn Philadelphia- Cherry Hill. Best of luck with any of your upgrades until then. Although the thought of upgrading that robot frightens me.

P.S. “Hometown Pizza.” "Do you like to be tickled?’ (Someone on your team will get that)

that design is almost idetical to ours loll…!

Ahh, yes I remember the problems you had last year (I machined some replacement parts for them at BattleCry. Are you shifting with them, or do you just leave them in one gear?

We originally planned to shift between 1st gear (for traction and grip) and then use 2nd gear for driving around and avoiding. But as we were practicing at our shop we found that while at first it seems hard to control, with time we could just use 2nd and tear up the field, and that some tire spin would be helpful for doing some trick turning. The problem we had with them last year was we skimped on the axels to keep our robot weight at 90 pounds, so if in autonomous we crashed into something they would bend and break and lead to issues. This year we used stronger ones and made about 4 spare sets to just pop in and be ready to go in minutes. We’re considering using 3rd gear for Philly to see if we can let us drive away faster from robots out to pin us.

I just made a compilation of our robot in action at the Boston Regional.
Hope you enjoy it!

Hey guys. been partnered with you guys down at Boston. You guys were great. Congrats to you guys.