1156 Under Control presents: Valkyrie

Team 1156, on behalf of Marista Pio XII HS, John Deere, National Instruments and United Technologies, proudly presents its 17th creation: Valkyrie

Reveal Video

Valkyrie will be competing at Hudson Valley and SBPLI #2

This year, especially, we would like to thank the many new students who joined the team and their families, which made our crew the largest in our history.
We would also like to thank our sponsors, without whom we would not be able to make it happen.



Love the video and love the hatch panel intake. Such a clean way to make your ground pickup also your human loading intake, can’t wait to check it out at HVR. Best of luck this season!

Missed you guys at TVR this year- great looking robot and best of luck this season.

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