116 OI

One of our coolest Operator Interfaces yet! :smiley:
A laptop can be placed between the two joysticks for additional robot readout.
The black case folds up, and has our RC and loading/shooter controls inside of it (labeled by a picture of our robot, not permantly attached in that photo, but it is now. Wire runs also look less messy).
The lights around the joysticks are lit one color at a time to match your alliance color. The joysticks are attached via suction cups and can be adjusted to fit the drivers preferences.

Pretty nice looking!, i like the raised platform for the joysticks.

Do you guys walk out with the case handcuffed to your wrist? Ooo, even better idea, have your other human player swinging a key ala Blues Brothers.

Do you have any better shots of the inside of the case?


i found that on their website. The whole oi looks amazing!

Also a very cool feature with our OI.

This is hidden in the black box under the printout of the robot with the switches.