118 inviting 1678 to Cowboy Up.

In response to the Citrus Circuits welcoming us to Sunny California we wanted to extend to them a little Texas hospitality in St. Louis.

Ok, you guys have restored my faith in our ability to laugh at ourselves :wink:

That hat was an important fashion statement by our head mentor Steve Harvey.

The 118 mentors let it slip that the burgers at Burgers & Brew in Davis were better than anywhere in Texas! :ahh:

If that’s the case then 118 should come out to CVR next year and have some Players BBQ.

Maybe the Houston burgers… :wink:

Five Guys for the win… Always

Nope… In-N-Out Burger.

Definitely not the best burgers. Good for fast food, but not even an honorable mention.

In-N-Out Burger is like going to Burger King and paying for Smashburger or Five Guys. I was told I just HAD to eat there when I went to California and was disappointed. I do like that you salt your own fries there, since most places never put enough on them ordinarily.

If we’re being honest about this, In N Out is in Texas as well. It certainly couldn’t be better than the burgers found in Texas while also being in Texas.

Beyond that, they’re not the best fast food burgers in Texas either.

Seriously, Burgers and Brew is the best.


Burgers and Brew really is amazing! If they had one closer to my house I would be there all the time. For now, I’ll have my Squeeze with Cheese, please (at the Squeeze Inn). And they’re opening a Jack’s Urban Eats near my house! Seriously, so much good food in the Sac Region.

If you’ve never had a burger at Village Pizza and Grill in Davis then you should do so before raving about Burgers and Brew. I’ve eaten at both places and they are both great but VPG gets my nod. They started as the most exquisite French Bakery and have morphed into one of the premier pizza restaurants in the Sacramento region. They also just happen to make amazing burgers.