118 Robonauts Behind the Bumpers Interview and Robot Breakdown

Check out the full robot breakdown of 118 Robonauts at the Texas Cup at https://youtu.be/VOLmrTOIE7k


Neat intestine roller design. That’s very common in the industrial world for roller-conveyors to move various adapter plates around machining and assembly lines. Did you guys have a specific inspiration for that?

We use spring steel wave washers (bellville) washers to provide the side-load on our rollers at work, and we have a single bolt that you can turn to adjust the compression to modify the slip-point.

That fishtape climber is very cool. Someone on my team came up with that idea for an elevator system but I shot it down because I didn’t think it would work. I guess I’m wrong now!

I love all the custom gears that 118 makes. I don’t understand how they do that. Is it all waterjet?


I agree that this design for a climber is just slick! Maybe I missed that in her explanation but I am guessing there are springs compressed inside of the stages that are constantly pushing the towers up. Did anyone else catch on to that detail?

I think it’s just directly tied to the fish tape and the fish tape is just channeled to go into the tube. No room for unspooling or anything

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I don’t think this is the case. My understanding from a few posts on here, along with the video, is that the fishtape is what pushes the climber arms up. No springs or anything else.

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Definitely cringed as fingers went into those climber gears on an enabled robot, be safe! Super cool robot though, was awesome to see some detail behind all of these mechanisms.


I see where you mean that. Also, putting hand on top of the climber. One thing I like about the design, is that it is relatively safe when the robot is off. I saw a CF design upper stage come undone and spear into spray insulation on a 12-15 ft ceiling, and I had a close call with a compression spring design.

Awesome, 118! You all inspired me to make this meme. Keep up the great work!


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