- 118 Video -

Quick video from the Robonauts… 19 days left.


The Robonauts - 118

:ahh: will defiantly need to watch out for you guys when were at the same comps.

Wow… looks like another top quality product from 118.

I’m not scared of much… but I’m scared of this.

Is anyone else looking at this thing??? Lets get some more of these top teams releasing good pics/videos.

that is amazing… wow… congrats

so that’s complete with only two days short of having three weeks left. That is quite amazing to be able to shoot that many balls that fast and the best part… it can only get better from here.

Robonauts started something with Chainzilla last year… looks like they’ll be back and just as monstrous this season.

Keep up the good work 118 and maybe i’ll be home to see you guys in a week or two.

Wow… I like how only the first 3 go in… But good work, we are just finnishing our shooter.

wow im betting that the ball collecting mechanism feeds onto the spiral ramp then getts sucked up the ball shooter mechanism. I like how you made the launcher be able to tilt for range.

our design is VERY similar

EDIT: WOW I was just looking at it again and that dosn’t ONLY have a tilt but a pan too… That is a full turret… :ahh:
My guess is that they will have the cammera constantly trained on the target and whenever they pick up a ball they just shoot it without loosing a beat

awsome what moters are you using?
what and how many wheels are you using? i designed my teams shooter and i havent put two of those 8 inch wheels yet so im wondering if thats what your using? well im looking forward to competing with you in houston maybe this year well be an allience in the finals team 476 is my team. well best of luck and ill sea you there

How does the feeder work from what I’ve seen you have to like run to the ball collect it and than after you get enough “ammo” shoot it all out or whatever. O.o

/jaw drop

:ahh: i think I just messed my pants…

i am curious as to how the balls are fed. they go up, and really fast, but how? can you perhaps hint at the mechanism you use for this?

very good stuff, but im not really that afraid… lol… just because u can shoot balls that fast in the first part of the match will mean u have to take time to fill back up… plus it seems most of the weight isnt centered on the bottom, but on the top… so it could be that ur robot is easily tipped over or could be tipped over. but i’d like to see that robot shoot that fast when being pushed accross the field… wont be accurate then i assure u… shooting that fast has its extreme disadvantages… i would worry about it lol… on the other hand its good for auton. mode if no one interferes with u while u shoot that is… ():slight_smile:

Awww go easy on them. Great job guys!

GO 1403!!!

I’m wondering what you are using to kick those balls up from the base of the turret from, seems way too fast for a conveyor, seems like it might be another wheel, cause I see a motor torquing as soon as those balls hit…

i did!! lol just showin them stuff to watch out for… im helpin them! lol but seriously tho, its a very good job but watch out for the stuff i metioned… it could bring ya down… so try to fix it!

This looks crazy, I can’t even imagine what else is going on under those hazy yellow lights of Sonny Carter!

Wish I could be there,
You know if you want to get the video out there really fast,

Don’t work too hard !

Amazing… just amazing. :eek: