Hey, guys! Safe Steven here! You’ve all heard of Flat Stanley, who, in my opinion, doesn’t really follow the OSHA safety requirements in terms of… but that’s just my opinion! With the holiday season in full swing, I thought on behalf of team 910, The Foley Freeze, we should host a contest and a giveaway! The contest is called The Twelve Days of Safety! From December 26th to January 6th we will be giving away Foley Freeze first aid kits! (Say that three times fast!) Each first aid kit includes:
1 Foley Freeze Gear Flake Magnet
2 Triangle Bandages
10 Clear Bandages
5 Finger Bandages
5 Gauze Pads
8 Packs of Antiseptic Cream
1 Mini Safety Booklet
1 Eye Wash Kit
Print the picture of me (Link down below) and cut it out (Preferably colored or decorated!)
Take a picture with me, “Safe Steven,” with your team exemplifying safety in the work environment OR a picture of me (Safe Steven) correcting an unsafe behavior!
Post it to twitter with the #SafeSteven910 and #12DoS
Winners will be chosen and posted to The Foley Freeze official twitter and facebook accounts December 26th through January 6th. Be sure to either like or follow the Foley Freeze fan page so that we can contact you if you win! Remember to stay safe this holiday season! Christmas lights are bright and cheery, but if you leave them on be weary!
Happy holidays!
-Safe Steven
::safety:: ::safety:: ::safety::

Sincerest Apologies,
The hashtag #12DoS is occupied so please refrain from using it when posting your pictures.
Just use #SafeSteven now for all submissions!
Thank you and stay safe! ::safety::

If you or your team don’t have a twitter please feel free to message me here on Chief Delphi!