12 volt Sensor Robot Power Supply?

Over the Past week I have been designing Future electronics boards ad have ran across a few question.

Can i link the Robot Controller and a 12 volt sensor such as the banebot encoders or the charging circuit to the same fuse?

I know that the Banebot encoders and the robot controller collectively don’t exceed 20 amps so i ask would this be legal?

Or would their be a better way?

I think you would have to have your custom circuit on a separate 20 amp snap action breaker. I’m not sure of the rule number but I’m sure thats right because I was going over the same question over the summer. Once you put it on the snap action though, you are allowed to use smaller fuses.


It’s rule <R94> in last year’s rules

As always, the standard caveat applies: this may change next year. (but is unlikely to)