12 Years in making robots. . .

I am not 100% sure where exactly I would like to put this video and its link to a CD’s category.
This is a video project I put together that represent Team Resistance and a brief into 12 years of history. Enjoy it!


You also may have seen the video on our website’s main page. http://www.teamresistance.org/


-Josh Simpson

Impressive! I like the style of the video and its simple but effective showcase of your various team achievements. Awesome job! Can’t wait to see you guys at championships!


Great Video and Website.

p.s. Under “Team Data”, “Autodesk Inventor” your dropdown menu drops behind the main video and isn’t readable.

nicely done… coulda used the goldeneye theme though… :wink:

As a broadcast engineer, I thought this piece was very impressive. I liked the theme music and the multiple effects on text and video. The editing was very powerful and extremely well done. You might have a future in the editing field.

I wanted to thank all the viewers and those of you who posted the feedbacks. I truly enjoyed making this project and look forward to make more for months to come. Hope everyone will have fun watching at the Championships! :slight_smile:

-Josh Simpson
Webmaster / Media Specialist
Team Resistance 86

The video was utterly beautiful, great job on the editing, myself and a few other on 1251 have toyed with video editing for some time, with results nowhere near as nice as this. I see a bright future for the creator(s)